Divine Locks Complex Reviews: (2023 Update ) Does it Really Work?


Kayla Rochin is the creator of the Divine Locks Method. She partnered with the company Inner Beauty & You to create a formula specific to slowing hair loss and restoring hair growth.

Divine Locks is a dietary supplement that claims to limit hair loss and increase the strength and quality of existing hair.

Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

As you age, your hair begins to thin due to Dermal Papilla cells that get pinched as you get older. These cells reside underneath your hair follicles and are responsible for getting adequate nutrients to your roots. When these cells get pinched, they are unable to move the correct nutrients to the appropriate areas. This issue causes thinning of hair and subsequent hair loss.

The Divine Locks supplement claims to be able to relax the pinch on the cells and allow the nutrients to move into their correct flow route. According to them, when this is remedied, hair can take on the proper growth and volume that it previously had.

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Divine Locks About the creators

Divine Locks About the creators

The Divine Locks Complex formula is the brainchild of world-famous celebrity stylist and cosmetologist Kayla Rochin. She had come across many helpless women like you and me who have been faced with the embarrassing fate of hair loss and wanted to help them. This is why she tied up with “Inner Beauty And You,’ a trusted cosmetic brand from the US to bring this special formula to you.

Inner Beauty and You is a brand famous for its trustworthiness, integrity, and advanced formulas. They have been producing dietary supplements and cosmetics for the last six years and the Divine Locks Complex is one of their most groundbreaking products. The duo has undertaken extensive research and studies to ensure the efficiency of this Divine Locks Complex supplement. They have also taken strict measures for your safety, each step along with the production of it.

The rare herbs and compounds in this formula have been sourced from all across the globe, from trusted suppliers. And the Divine Locks Complex supplement is formulated in their world-class, certified facilities in the US.

Today, Kayla still runs her practice in the US, helping thousands more to recover their hair and self-esteem. And the Inner Beauty and You products are some of the most sought-after cosmetics on the market.

How Do Divine Locks Work?

How can this hair restoration supplement aid your hair? Here’s a breakdown of the Divine Locks supplements’ mechanism of action and what to expect for your hair. Divine Locks work by unlocking the dermal papillae and nourishing the hair follicle by bringing in the nutrients to the hair shaft.

Divine locks tablets have been specifically designed to help improve hair growth by quickly providing nutrients in the hair follicle essential for hair growth and supporting the flow of blood around the dermal papillae, and nourishing the hair follicles. This is the simplest explanation of how Divine Locks work for your hair. The cosmetologist/the chief developer of Divine Locks calls this process “un-pinching” the dermal papilla, which allows quicker nutrient absorption to the hair follicles.

As you know, the human hair growth cycle is divided into three distinctive stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each phase’s duration varies in every person due to genetics, age, and health factors. On average, a healthy head of hair grows between 15-20 cm per year, except for babies whose hair grows faster starting from birth to around two years of age.

With Divine Locks, you can quickly enter the growth phase, which is catagen, and stimulate it to continue on the anagen phase, where hair cells divide rapidly, resulting in more hair. Keep reading to learn how the ingredients of the Divine Locks complex work for the growth of your hair.

Divine Locks Reviews: Customer Reviews

Divine Locks Reviews

Looking for a hair product that can give you the perfect look? Check out, Divine Lock! This top-rated product has been featured in magazines and online, and it’s sure to give you the sleek, shiny looks you’ve always wanted. But what do customers think of it? Read on for Divine Locks reviews from real people who have used the product.

Divine Locks Reviews From Customers

“I absolutely love this stuff! My hair is so soft and shiny after using it. I’ve tried other hair products in the past, but none of them have worked as well as this one.” – Jennie C.

 “I have naturally curly hair, and I was looking for a product that could help me tame my frizz. Divine Locks is definitely the answer!

About The Manufacturer And The Company Behind Divine Locks

The certified cosmetologist Kayla Rochin created Divine Locks. It is marketed by a company called Inner Beauty & You. The company is dedicated to creating all-natural products delivering impressive results, and the Divine Locks supplement is one of their featured product.

Divine Locks is made in a GMP-compliant facility registered with the FDA so that you can be sure of its quality. It is also GMO-free, so there’s no chance that any synthetic additives could harm you.

Most importantly, please get in touch with the Divine Locks customer rep if you have any questions about the product. The Divine Locks phone number is available on their website. The Divine Locks UK/US website is the same as TryDivineLocks.com.

Divine Locks Benefits

Whether you are attending a big party for New Year’s or experiencing the long and cold winter season, you definitely want to avoid having dry, unhealthy hair. Perfect for these kinds of situations, Divine Locks is a therapeutic hair supplement designed to reduce annoying hair problems and some of the biggest hair worries like dullness and breakage. But I found many ladies wondering, “Does Divine Locks hair growth supplement work?” a few times now.

I am afraid to give you an answer. Let’s find out together if Divine Locks is good to use or not. As you can see, I’ve put together a little article to illustrate some of the benefits of using Divine Locks.

Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

It is an all-in-a-one Hair Restorative Supplement: 

Hair woes come in many shapes and forms. And Divine Locks can be your hair savior when your hair needs all the help. It is an all-in-a-one fix for your hair woes, meaning you don’t need to turn to hair styling products or other fixes along with Divine Locks.

Prevents Hair Loss: 

Divine Locks Complex helps strengthen hair follicles and improves blood flow to hair roots. It also contains essential vitamins that fight harmful radicles.

Promotes Hair Growth: 

Divine Locks Hair growth supplements help grow new hairs and encourage hairs to grow faster. The super hair growth nutrients stimulate faster hair growth, and you get to see fast results.

Reduces Hair Thinning and Breakage: 

You know how the formula helps prevent hair loss at this point of the Divine Locks review. But even if you don’t suffer from hair loss, this hair growth supplement helps improve the structure of your hair by supplementing with essential nutrients.

Zero Side Effects: 

Best of all, it is an all-herbal hair growth formula with no side effects. Divine Locks is completely natural and does not require a prescription. Also, it promotes overall health while helping your hair grow faster.

Convenient and Boosts Confidence: 

Needless to say, you know how great-looking healthy hair gives you confidence, and that’s another of the main advantages you can expect from Divine Locks Complex. Plus, it is easy to use; all you need is to take 2 small pills a day, and it comes in a convenient bottle, so nobody has to know your great healthy hair secrets.

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Divine Locks Does It Work?

Aging, along with the barrage of pollutants and toxins we face in today’s world, causes the hair to lose all of its strength. Our hair follicles start to lag in catering to the nutrient needs of our hair. This is what leads to hair loss, thinning of hair, etc.

The years cause very important cells in your hair follicles known as the dermal papillae to fold over and pinch. This blocks the efficient flow of nutrients to the hair roots, leading to depleted hair health. Slowly, but steadily, your hair will be starved of the nutrients it needs to thrive and it starts to shed.

The special ingredients of the Divine Locks Complex have been selected especially to reverse this effect. The super nutrients contained in this formula help you restart the production of dermal papillae in your hair follicles. This leads to an abundance of these cells and removes all the pinched cells from the root of your hair. This way, the Divine Locks Complex supplement will open up the important pathway to your hair to cater to all of its nutrient needs.

The Divine Locks Complex formula will stimulate new hair growth in the bald patches of your head. And it will no longer be the wispy, strand-like hair you have now. But a thick and luscious mane that sparkles and shines. Your hair will have the strength of its yesteryears. And you will regain your previous confidence too.

How long for results? Do these stay?

Most of the user reviews of this supplement say they observed results within a few days of starting this formula. However, many say they used it for 2-3 months before they got to see the real, lasting benefits of the Divine Locks Complex. So, I recommend you to take it for a minimum of 3 months to see lasting results. This length of the course will ensure the results for a minimum of 1-2 years. Continue taking these pills and improve your lifestyle, diet, etc, to never have to worry about hair loss anymore.

Divine Locks Ingredients

Let’s take a close look at the 13 ingredients in Divine Locks hair growth supplements. Below are the ingredients found in the Divine Locks supplement. But I want to first start with the 6 key ingredients of the Divine Locks Complex proprietary blend and then go over the remaining 7 ingredients as listed on the Divine Locks label.

Phyllanthus Emblica: This is one of the star ingredients of Divine Locks Complex. This is the scientific name of Indian Gooseberries, which is called Amla/Amlaki fruit in Indian subcontinents. It’s used in Hindu religious ceremonies, and that gives it an air of an ‘alternative’ fruit, but believe me — it has some serious hair benefits! It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, calcium pantothenate, fructose, phosphorous and other nutrients that are beneficial for hair growth. Check out this article to learn how this rich fruit can cure baldness and even promote hair growth from here.

Fo-Ti: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

When you thought you’d heard all about the incredible properties of Divine Locks, there’s another super nutrient that I want to discuss. What if I told you that a $3 leaf from a little-known tree in the Himalayas could be the key to your new hair growth success? Fo-Ti is one of the super nutrients of the Divine Locks complex. It is a processed herb of the plant called Tuber Fleeceflower. Fo-Ti is an inexpensive alternative to Argan Oil and has some surprising benefits for hair growth and healthy follicles.

3 Different Seaweed Extracts: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

You want to know the chief ingredient of the Divine Locks Complex that un-pinches and creates newer Dermal Papillacells faster. Here’s your answer. It’s a combo of 3 varieties of seaweed extracts. These seaweed varieties are that is clinically proven to improve the hair cycle growth and the cells faster, and the most recent findings by Johns Hopkin Medical Institutions are published in the Science Daily for the public read. Divine Locks Complex contains a combination of Bladderwrack, Nori Yaki, and Wakame extract to do this job.

Gotu Kola: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is considered one of the best herbs for hair loss. It contains a tonic called Madecassoside that contains healing properties, which have been proven to stimulate hair growth. In cases when you have a receding hairline or wispy and thinning hair, Gotu kola can help make Divine Locks a great option for busy bees who want to enjoy healthy hair.

Grape Seed Extract:Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?


What further expedites the hair growth is another of the Divine Locks nutrient derived from the grape seed extract. The scientific term for the chief organic compound present in the grape seed extract that promotes hair growth is called Proanthocyanins. This compound is also scientifically proven to promote hair growth, and the most recent findings are published in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine.

Silica: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

It is a very important mineral that human bodies can’t create on their own. It is responsible for our hair’s strength, elasticity, and firmness. Our hair can become brittle, fragile, and weak when we are low in it. Silica isn’t just used to create stretchy leggings or cell phones. It has been proven to help repair hair and thicken it up. There is a type of Silica powder that is safe to ingest and effective at repairing your hair, and that’s another of the compounds inside the Divine Locks Complex.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

This is another of the Divine Locks Complex ingredients. If you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you are probably getting enough MSM, aka sulfur, in your diet. It can increase your hair growth and improve your skin, among other benefits. But if you want your hair to grow faster, you could also consider taking MSM supplements for your hair.

L-Methionine: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

If your hair is looking limp and shabby, you need to forget everything you’ve ever read about hair growth vitamins. That’s because methionine supports healthy skin and hair follicles. If you’re losing your hair, it could be that you are methionine deficient. But don’t worry–using Divine Locks Complex provides you with L-Methionine to promote healthier, more manageable hair and prevent excessive shedding and thinning.

Selenium: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

Does your hair fall out too much? It could be due to a lack of essential antioxidants. Selenium is part of the Divine Locks antioxidant formula, delivering nutrients to help keep your body healthy.

Astaxanthin: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that makes it ideal for hair and scalp health. It’s naturally found in many marine animals, but the Astaxanthin in Divine Locks Complex is sourced from Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

This particular ingredient supports the health of your hair. It works as an antioxidant and helps boost the growth of new cells. By taking Divine Locks supplements, you get a boost of ALA that works wonders for your hair.

Hyaluronic Acid (HLA): Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your hair, you may have heard that Hyaluronic Acid can be beneficial. Hyaluronic Acid can keep your hair strong and healthy by protecting the strands from breakage. With the Divine Locks bounty of HLA, you can finally end your struggle with dry and brittle hair.

Biotin: Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?

Divine Locks and Biotin help improve your hair health in many ways. Biotin is an essential vitamin that your body needs. It nourishes the roots of your hair, letting them grow faster and more easily.

Divine Locks Pros & Cons

So here are the pros and cons attached to Divine Locks, which will help you make an informed decision.


  • It is an all-in-one hair supplement for hair restoration.
  • It is developed by a certified cosmetologist and recommended by hair experts.
  • This hair growth supplement is suitable for both men and women.
  • Contains scientifically backed ingredients.
  • No hidden costs.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 180 days.


Results may vary from person to person and depends on genetics.

It is not easily available, only on the online official website!

Divine Locks Side Effects

Have you been searching for a hair growth product that works? Browse through the numerous pages of Google and find nothing that has re-assured you of Divine Locks safety or credibility? This is why I’ve decided to create this review on Divine Locks’s side effects today. I hope this helps you make a better decision.

But first, I want to mention that Divine Locks is a natural hair growth product with key ingredients that are studied by scientists. It is the only hair growth supplement at its price range that has seen considerable success after passing clinically-tested human trials – without any hair loss! It is vital to keep in mind that this product does not contain any drugs and does not cause any side effects.

In cases when you want your hair to grow without spending too much, then the Divine Locks hair supplement is worth considering because it has been proven to support healthy hair growth. It balances the growth of hair follicles and provides your hair with the right nutrients so it can grow stronger and thicker. But don’t overdose yourself with Divine Locks.

It’s essential to follow the recommended dosage of Divine Locks. Keep reading to learn how to take Divine Locks the right way.

Divine Locks Dosage And How To Use

Take only two Divine Locks capsules every day. Don’t get tempted to have more than 2 capsules; rather, stick to the routine of taking only the recommended dosage. Give it some time to work, say, at least a month. The manufacturer urges that you follow the recommended dosage at least a month before deciding if it’s worth your hair.

Divine Locks Customer Reviews

This hair growth supplement has gained raving reviews from real users on the Divine Locks Official website. Just like you, I was also wondering: Is Divine Locks a hoax? It sounds too good to be true. However, I found the Divine Locks customer reviews to be amazing. In my opinion, for your convenience, nothing beats the service at Divine Locks.

Divine Locks Complex Scam Or Not? I am sure that you will like what you read below. These are user-friendly reviews and analyses of Divine Locks and all it has to offer. Here are some of the Divine Locks reviews from users.

“The Divine Locks Complex tablets are miracle hair growth formula. It transformed my hair and scalp in just two months. I’m never without the tablets. My hair is now thick, lustrous and healthy – wherever I touch it; it feels thick and healthy!” Linda.

“I have this friend, who’s a hairdresser, and she was pretty skeptical about the Divine Locks Complex; she said that my hair was so healthy it would be hard to make it any better. I told her that I’ve never been happier with my hair and suggested she give it a try too. She did, and now she’s really happy with her hair too!” Mary A.

“One thing I can tell you is after taking this hair growth supplement; you’ll never want the Vitamin E caps or any other store-bought hair tablets. It leaves my hair soft as well as makes it grow. The Divine Locks Complex is saving my hair and saving me time and money, and it’ll save yours too!” Karen.

Scientific Evidence for Divine Locks

There’s no scientific evidence that any oral supplement can reverse balding or regrow hair, as suggested on the Divine Locks sales page. But that does not mean that overtime these natural hair regrowth complexes like Inner Beauty & You Divine Locks supplement can’t help support optimal growth.

You cannot cure balding just by taking an oral supplement. The FDA has only approved one treatment for balding: minoxidil. Minoxidil works for 6 months to 2 years in some people, helping to delay the onset of balding. However, there are few legitimate ways to actually reverse balding or regrow hair where you no longer have hair despite what the Divine Locks sales page claims.

It’s possible some ingredients in Divine Locks support hair growth and quality. Your body needs vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to continue growing hair, for example. If you are deficient in vitamins and minerals, then your hair quality could suffer. Of course, you can get most of the important vitamins and minerals from an average multivitamin supplement.

While it might make things look worse for Divine Locks is that we don’t have dosages for any ingredients besides vitamins and minerals, this is not a red flag as it is pretty standard for most hair health formulas. The company cites studies that use completely different doses than what we see in Divine Locks. Some ingredients may help hair growth, but it’s impossible to verify these claims without knowing dosages.

One dermatologist recommends using saw palmetto for hair loss because it prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and reduces inflammation. That dermatologist claims someone with thinning hair could take 320mg of saw palmetto extract per day to support hair growth. Some studies have shown that saw palmetto extract works as advertised to help regrow hair, although other studies have shown no better than a placebo. Most researchers believe palmetto extract works by supporting blood flow, making it easier for blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow to your hair cells.

Divine Locks contains algae extract to support hair growth. There are countless types of algae extract linked to different benefits. Most studies show that algae extract rich in antioxidants could support hair growth and blood flow, although no studies have shown that algae extract can actually reverse baldness or regrow hair.

Divine Locks also contains stinging nettle extract, labeled as Urtica dioica. Stinging nettle has been used for centuries for health and wellness. Few studies have proven that stinging nettle impacts hair growth. However, this 2018 study published in Medical Archives found that stinging nettle extract could have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which could help your body support hair growth.

Most of the ingredients in Divine Locks are hidden within a proprietary formula. By law, Divine Locks discloses the dosage of vitamins and minerals upfront on the label. However, most ingredients are hidden within a proprietary formula. That proprietary formula is not large: just 409mg in each two capsule serving. As mentioned above, saw palmetto extract is only proven to work at 320mg and larger doses. We’re skeptical Divine Locks has significant amounts of any listed ingredients.

Divine Locks does have a significant dose of one of the most proven hair growth ingredients: biotin. Biotin is linked to keratin production, and keratin is a basic protein found in your hair, skin, and nails. Numerous studies have shown that biotin improves your body’s ability to produce keratin. People who are deficient in biotin tend to have poor skin and hair health. Divine Locks contains 2,000% of your daily value of biotin.

Overall, there’s no direct evidence that Divine Locks impacts hair growth in any way, but there are a lot of indications as to why this product could be of actual value and support for a healthy head of hair for men or women of all ages. Some ingredients in Divine Locks may support your body’s ability to grow hair normally. However, none of the doses seem particularly strong, and none of the ingredients are proven to actually regrow hair in areas where you have already gone bald.

Where to buy Divine Locks Complex from? And Price?

Now the question is: how can you find a trustworthy and reliable site from where you can order this hair growth product? That’s what this review article seeks to help you to find the best place to buy Divine Locks supplement and know where to get it at the best price.

First of all, Divine Locks hair growth supplement is not available for sale in traditional stores. If you are looking for this product, then you can buy it on its official website at a reduced price.

No wonder multiple sites are selling the product due to its popularity in the past few months. But, in my opinion, it’s best to buy this from the Divine Locks website.

Kayla Rochin is so confident that this formula will work for you, that she is offering you to try this supplement risk-free for six months with her 6-Month, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

Divine Locks Complex Reviews: 2022 Does it Really Work?


Do Divine Locks really work?

Divine Locks is a herbal supplement intended for hair growth and preservation. It has been noted that this formulation largely improves the overall health of the hair as well, and you’ll find several Divine Locks hair supplement reviews online. You can also find some of the Divine Locks reviews from the users here.

Is Divine Locks safe?

The ingredients used in the Divine Locks Complex Hair Growth Supplement come with a very safe profile. It is completely herbal. Plus, there are no reported side effects yet with this product.

Are Divine Locks legit?

If you want to rock the divine looks, you do not need divine interventions, and that’s what this formula does. Divine Locks is a hair supplement that’s apparently supposed to make your hair grow faster. If you’re familiar with Divine Locks, then you’re probably aware that it isn’t a hair tonic or spray rather a highly concentrated pill containing the super nutrients to speed up the growth process of your hair.

If you are still yet curious, this review on Divine Locks will help you to establish whether it is worth your money or if you should try something else. For more information, please read the Divine Locks Method reviews, and you’ll get them both here and on the Divine Locks official website.

Where can I buy Divine Locks online?

You can buy Divine Locks on the product’s official website. Divine Locks Amazon is not always the best option if you want it from the manufacturer. I also searched for Divine Locks Complex on Amazon, and I was disappointed to see that those are not from the manufacturer or the main distributor of the product.

Which Viviscal is better other than Divine Locks?

Viviscal Extra Strength is more potent than Divine Locks. However, Divine Locks is more concentrated with Biotin and other ingredients than Viviscal Professional, allowing you to take fewer capsules per day yet receive the same benefits.

What is the difference between Viviscal Professional and Extra Strength and Divine Locks?

Viviscal Extra Strength is the same formula as the best seller, Divine Locks. The difference is that Extra Strength comes in a larger capsule – 1,300 mg versus 800 mg in Professional. Viviscal Extra Strength is 2x more powerful than Viviscal Professional, whereas Divine Locks is a favorite for being all-natural, and Viviscal Professional is just your normal hair growth supplement.

Are there any side effects to taking Divine Locks?

The market has many products introduced by celebrities and athletes, so there is a lot of hype and fake reviews. However, Divine Locks is only sold on the official website, so I was able to confirm the brand’s integrity. At first, I was excited about Divine Locks Complex ingredients as the formula contains powerful and beneficial ingredients like Astaxanthin and Biotin. Plus, this hair growth supplement will not cause any damage to my body as it’s free from any chemical additives. The supplement is safe, affordable, and easy to use indeed.

Media Contact

You can contact Divine Locks Customer Service for any questions, comments, or testimonials.

Contact Person: John MacMahon

Role: Support Manager

Email: support@trydivinelocks.com

By Phone: United States & Canada: (877) 752-0886

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Divine Locks Reviews: Final Words

Overall, the Divine Locks Complex supplement is a formula that can help you turn your life around. You will be able to regain the full, thick, and strong mane of hair you had in your younger years. By opening up the pinched cells in your hair follicles, this formula will enhance the nutrient supply to your hair. This will help thicken your hair strands and increase their volume. Moreover, you will gain better hair health with shinier and prettier hair as explained in this Divine Locks Review.

You will sport no bald patches on your head anymore. With the special ingredients of this formula, new hair growth will thrive and cover all your bald patches. Your hair will have much more coverage over your scalp.

So, I think this is a legitimate solution that you too can use to regrow a thick mane of hair. This is a formula tested by women and vouched for by them as well. Thousands of women have used it to regain a full head of thick hair, as well as their dignity and respect. And you can give this try risk-free for six months under their money-back guarantee.

>>>Click Here To Order Divine Locks From The Official Website (180 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission to Katie Jgln if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high-quality products.








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