Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: 911 supplements Legit or Scam?


Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: 911 supplements Legit or Scam?

This is a comprehensive review of a blood pressure support supplement, Blood Pressure 911, which helps you control your blood pressure. Read this before buying this product.

Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: 911 supplements Legit or Scam?

Blood Pressure 911 is a fast-acting supplement that helps to lower blood pressure. It’s the ideal option for those who want to keep their blood pressure under control. The method is based on the secret diets used by Japanese farmers to keep their blood pressure in check.

Phytate Labs’ nutritional medical team spent two years formulating this supplement from various plants. The pills are made in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility in the United States. This ensures the highest level of security.

In the supplement industry, Phytage Labs is a well-known brand. The company also creates formulae for a variety of other supplements with similar abilities to address common health issues. Furthermore, each batch’s ingredients are examined by an independent third-party lab.

Because the Blood Pressure 911 pills are created entirely of natural ingredients, you can take them regularly without fear of negative effects. The solution is free of any dangerous chemicals or artificial components that are commonly found in over-the-counter medications. It is safe for long-term usage because it is free of chemicals and other unnatural substances. It will be a great addition to your everyday diet to help keep your heart healthy.

What is Blood Pressure 911?

Blood Pressure 911 is a nutritional supplement that claims to support healthy blood pressure using vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients.

By taking Blood Pressure 911 daily, you can purportedly support better cardiovascular health, healthier blood pressure, and lower hypertension, among other benefits.

The supplement also claims to target bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, energy levels, blood sugar, and other metrics of cardiovascular health.

To achieve these benefits, Blood Pressure 911 uses a “Japanese farmer’s secret” and other ingredients. This secret ingredient can purportedly lower your blood pressure naturally. The person who created Blood Pressure 911 discovered the ingredient after experiencing a stroke at his granddaughter’s baptism, leading him to discover a way to lower blood pressure without relying on the medication prescribed by his doctor.

Obviously, you should be skeptical when a supplement claims to help reduce your dependency on medication. High blood pressure is a serious medical condition, and you should listen to your doctor’s medical advice when managing the condition.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Blood Pressure 911 works.

How does Blood Pressure 911 work?

Pulse 911 cases to help solid circulatory strain utilizing a mix of nutrients, minerals, natural concentrates, and plant fixings, and that’s just the beginning.

Key fixings in Blood Pressure 911 incorporate olive leaf separate, green tea concentrate, garlic, and juniper berry, among other regular fixings. By joining these fixings together, the creators of Blood Pressure 911 have made an equation that professes to help cardiovascular wellbeing in different ways.

As per the authority site, Blood Pressure 911 can give the accompanying advantages:

  1. Assist with bringing down the hypertension
  2. Help with better pulse
  3. Backing better generally speaking cardiovascular wellbeing
  4. Assist with diminishing terrible (LDL) cholesterol levels
  5. Assist with reestablishing energy levels
  6. Help in beating the symptoms of pulse drugs
  7. Help to oversee glucose levels

Due to FDA guidelines, Blood Pressure 911 can’t profess to bring down pulse, decrease cholesterol, or work on your cardiovascular wellbeing. No one but medications can promote these advantages. Nonetheless, PhytAge Labs appears to be certain its recipe can assist with supporting your heart's wellbeing in different ways.

Normally, specialists prescribe diet and exercise to bring down the pulse. A blend of a sound eating regimen, customary exercise, and other way of life changes will lessen the pulse of a great many people. While trusting that circulatory strain will drop, specialists might suggest taking pulse drugs. Albeit this medicine accompanies incidental effects, it’s superior to experiencing a respiratory failure or stroke.

PhytAge Labs markets Blood Pressure 911 as another option: by taking two containers of Blood Pressure 911 day by day, you can purportedly partake in the impacts recorded previously.

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What Does Blood Pressure 911 Do?

Blood vessels transport blood to different regions of the body. The blood vessels harden and tighten as you become older. Toxins from foreign bodies build plaque, which eventually obstructs blood vessels. As a result, your heart has to work extra hard. As a result, your blood pressure will rise. Furthermore, increased heart activity may lead to heart failure. You may have a heart attack or a stroke.

BVSS, or Blood Vessel Stiffness Syndrome, is a condition in which blood vessels harden. To smooth blood flow, the component of Blood Pressure 911 stimulates the KCNQ5 channel. Blood can now freely flow to all parts of the body. It maintains a healthy blood pressure level and overall well-being.

This is a terrific answer for your heart’s health, according to the company’s official website, Blood Pressure 911. It also cares for the heart and arteries, as well as the complete cardiovascular system. Apart from controlling your blood pressure, these medications can help control your cholesterol.

Without a doubt, the outcome will differ from one person to the next. However, you can anticipate the following outcomes:

  1. Improves blood flow by widening the arteries 
  2. Blood Pressure 911 improves blood flow 
  3. Flush away plaque through the arteries 
  4. Blood Pressure 911 improves overall heart health

Get Blood Pressure 911 for a discounted price from the official website.

Is Blood Pressure 911 Legit?

There are several aspects of the Blood Pressure 911 supplement that make it an excellent choice if you’re seeking a natural way to safeguard and promote your heart health. Take a look at the following information from to understand more about the product’s distinguishing features:

1- It’s from a reliable source.

This nutritional supplement is made by PhytAge Labs, a business you’ve heard of before. This manufacturer has several products on the market that have proven to be profitable. All of PhytAge Labs’ products are natural and science-based, according to the company. You can trust this product because it is not from an unknown brand but a well-known supplier.

2- The product is simple to use.

Blood Pressure 911 tablets can be included in your daily routine without requiring any significant modifications. Yes, you should continue to eat well and exercise consistently. However, including this product into your daily routine would not need any additional time or effort. For best results, simply follow the guidelines for use and take the supplement daily.

3- It is of excellent quality.

Last but not least, this supplement is of good quality due to the absence of harmful particles and stimulants in its composition. The manufacturing techniques are fully advanced, and no compromises are made in terms of the efficacy of the substances or the product’s hygiene. As a result, the supplement is just as safe to take as any multivitamin tablet.

Blood Pressure 911 Ingredients

If you want to know more about how the ingredients go head to head with each other in giving the best possible results, you can check the company’s official video where they’ve explained everything.

We have researched each ingredient to make sure that you can easily understand what makes them so worth it? Hence, without further redo, let’s talk about what are the ingredients involved in the Blood Pressure 911 supplement.

Green Tea

One of the rawest forms of antioxidants, Green Tea is ideal for bringing down blood pressure levels. In the past, we’ve seen countless tests for it. Why do you think the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans live a long life? Green Tea is their go-to drink in their daily food intake. A lower dose of Green Tea is ideal for bringing the blood pressure to an optimal rate.


Hawthorn is a cure for everything nowadays. It is a rather popular ingredient that is used to solve a lot of problems. Luckily, blood pressure is another problem that can be solved by using this plant. A lot of surveys were done by researchers. In conclusion, the leaf is ideal for curing blood pressure levels while keeping the side effects to a minimal level.

In other words, all the medical herbalists love this ingredient, and it is included in the Blood Pressure 911 supplement to give the best possible experience to the patients.

Juniper Berry

Athletes in ancient Greece used juniper berry to improve their overall strength and stamina.

The berry works as a natural expellant, lowering blood pressure and reducing the effects of edema. It has traditionally been used to eliminate toxins from the body. As a result, doctors used it to sanitize medical equipment.

It was found to help improve heart function in a study. Its oil is antioxidant-rich and can help lower blood pressure. In another study, it functions as a natural repellent that activates lower blood pressure.

It can also act as an anticholinesterase agent. It helps to produce acetylcholine in the nerves resulting in slower heart activity, lower blood pressure, and rising blood flow.


Even though Garlic is mainly used for flavoring purposes, a lot of people don’t even know that it has a lot of other benefits as well. Garlic is capable enough to control your blood pressure levels and bring it to the most optimal level that you could only imagine in the past.

Therefore, this supplement has an ample amount of garlic just to be served to all the people who are having blood pressure problems. Such a fine idea, isn’t it?

Buchu Leaf 

It can reach a maximum height of 6 feet. It has a scent that is very similar to peppermint. The leaves contain potent medicinal properties. The Buchu Leaf can help with bloating caused by high blood pressure. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Buchu leaf has long been used as a rejuvenating plant. For centuries, the Khoisan considered it a youth potion. Buchu leaf was initially transported to Britain in the 18th century. Since only the wealthy could purchase it, it became known as “nobles’ tea” throughout Europe.

The Titanic carried 8 bales of buchu on its maiden trip, which is an interesting statistic.

Buchu is a marvel of nature. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-infective, and anti-fungal activities are all present. It also contains antioxidants and bioflavonoids, as well as vitamins A, B, and E.

In conclusion, the buchu leaf is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural way to lower blood pressure.

Olive Leaf

It is described as having healing properties in the Bible. You’ll notice that the original Olympic medalists were crowned with olive leaves. According to recent studies, olive leaf lowers blood pressure. There was a recent study by the European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition where 60 people were trialed in 6 weeks. They recorded lower blood pressure readings after taking olive leaves. Moreover, they also recorded lower plasma cholesterol.

In another study made in Germany and Switzerland, 20 identical twins who have high blood pressure were tested. Extract of the olive leaf was given to only one of the twins. The result – the ones that were given the extract showed lower blood pressure. The average readings reduced from 137/80 to 126/76 in a time-space of 8 weeks.

You might figure out that you can just go to the health food or herbal stores to get these plants. However, the stores don’t sell those herbs, not even in supplement form. At least they are not found in organic form or at the correct dosage that the expert recommends. Even Amazon or the GNC store doesn’t sell them.

Other than these ingredients, this supplement also has various vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are important to the wellness of your overall health. The absence of minerals and vitamins could lead to serious health concerns.

Currently, the supplement has the following vitamins:

  1. Vitamin C – lowers high blood pressure 
  2. Vitamin B6 – attacks high blood pressure
  3. Vitamin B12 – helps increase the production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells). Consequently, this reduces the blood pressure of your body.
  4. Niacin – reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  5. Folate – calms your blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation to various body organs.

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Scientific Evidence for Blood Pressure 911

Blood Pressure 911 has not completed any clinical trials or scientific studies, proving it lowers blood pressure. That’s not unusual, as most nutritional supplement companies do not invest in clinical trials.

As the makers of Blood Pressure 911 explain, the ingredients within the supplement are backed by their own research. There’s some evidence the ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 could help with blood pressure in various ways, although more research is needed on several ingredients.

First, Blood Pressure 911 contains a range of vitamins and minerals linked to overall health and wellness. The supplement contains a powerful dose of vitamin B12 (4,167% of your Daily Value).

Many people are vitamin B12 deficient. If you are vegan or vegetarian and do not take a vitamin B12 supplement, you are almost certainly deficient in vitamin B12. There are no plant-based sources of vitamin B12, and many people experience a noticeable increase in energy after taking a vitamin B12 supplement.

Of course, you can get vitamin C, niacin, and other ingredients in any ordinary multivitamin. It’s the other ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 that make it unique – and that justifies the high price tag.

PhytAge Labs cites this 2008 study published in Physiotherapy Research. Researchers gave 500mg to 1,000mg of olive leaf extract to rats and then found noticeable improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiovascular health measurements after 8 weeks. Olive leaf extract seemed to help rats enjoy better cardiovascular health genuinely.

There are two obvious problems with that study, of course. First, Blood Pressure 911 contains a much smaller dose of olive leaf extract. And second, the study was performed on rats – not humans.

Blood Pressure 911 emphasizes the power of its flagship ingredient: buchu. This is the “Japanese farmer’s secret” mentioned in the Blood Pressure 911 headline. Although buchu sounds like a Japanese word, it’s actually a plant from South Africa.

It’s been traditionally used as medicine for centuries in South Africa, although modern evidence hasn’t produced many benefits. More large-scale research is needed to confirm the benefits of buchu.

One of the most proven ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 is garlic extract. You can take garlic extract supplements directly. You can also take garlic extract as part of a larger overall formula – like in Blood Pressure 911.

Research suggests garlic increases the body’s nitric oxide production, helping muscles relax, and blood vessels dilate, reducing high blood pressure. Although it’s unclear how effective the garlic dosage in Blood Pressure 911 is, garlic extract is a popular and proven blood pressure aid used for millennia.

There are human studies; however, showing olive leaf extract can help with cardiovascular health in various ways. In fact, a Mediterranean diet (rich in olive oil and similar foods) is linked with proven heart health benefits.

Researchers observed these effects in this 2016 study when they gave olive leaf extract to a group of 60 men with high blood pressure. After 6 weeks of taking 140mg of olive leaf extract per day, researchers observed significant blood pressure measurement improvements.

Ultimately, there’s some evidence the ingredients in Blood Pressure 911 can lower blood pressure and support cardiovascular health in other ways. However, you may be able to find similar ingredients in much cheaper supplements – or even in basic multivitamins – at a higher dose and lower price.

How to Use it?

It’s critical to adhere to the dosage instructions carefully. Because the dosage is carefully measured by nutritionists, it is not recommended to cut or increase the amount or frequency of ingestion.

You should also take it regularly, as instructed. This ensures that specific substances reach the cells in your body that they were meant to reach. Because it is available in capsule form, it is simple to use regularly.

Another benefit is its simplicity. You do not need to put in any additional work to prepare any solution. All you have to do now is swallow the capsule with a glass of water.

It’s also worth noting that taking the pills for at least 90 days is recommended. If the test is only taken for a short time, it is difficult to judge the results.

Blood Pressure 911 Side Effects

According to the official website of Blood Pressure 911, the supplement is made entirely of natural ingredients. As a result, those who use it experience no negative side effects. There isn’t a single report about its negative effects on the internet, according to my research.

Furthermore, the firm says that its factories produce in a sanitary and safe environment. They also make certain that they are free of pollution and contaminants. Furthermore, the company uses only the finest ingredients in the production of this product. As a result, they ensure that each process produces high-quality end products.

Blood Pressure 911 Benefits

What is the benefit of taking the Blood Pressure 911 supplement? The most important health benefit you get to enjoy by taking Blood Pressure 911 is to manage your blood pressure levels. You no more have to make it a lifelong commitment, and all it takes is to follow the dosage instruction. That also means you no more have to spend tons of money on Mediterranean diets or spend on doctor visits. In a nutshell, here are the best benefits you receive from Blood Pressure 911-

  1. It helps to improve your heart health and decrease the chance of stroke
  2. Lowers the harmful cholesterol/LDL levels in your bloodstream
  3. Restores the vitality, your energy levels and improves your quality of life
  4. It helps in overcoming the side effects of taking blood pressure drugs
  5. Assists in managing and controlling the blood sugar levels
  6. Assists in weight management

Assists in alleviating symptoms such as chest pain, severe headaches, vision problems, fatigue, and irregular heartbeats.

Above is the list of advantages of taking Blood Pressure 911. However, the best thing is that it manages blood pressure spikes and aids in a healthy cardiovascular system.

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Pros of Blood Pressure 911:

  1. Clinically studied to promote heart health
  2. All-natural proprietary blend
  3. Works faster than other OTCs
  4. Safer than prescribed drugs
  5. Provides general antioxidant support
  6. Suitable for both men and women
  7. Affordable and convenient
  8. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of Blood Pressure 911:

  1. Not suitable for those under 18
  2. Only available for online orders and purchases from the official website.

Is it safe?

It is quite secure. There’s a slim chance that this product may create any negative side effects. According to the company’s website, the product is created using natural ingredients. It provides you with safe and effective outcomes in a short period. To create the capsules for the Blood Pressure 911 supplement, certain safety processes are followed. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure. There have been numerous reviews, but none have revealed any negative side effects. However, if you have any concerns regarding its safety, you should visit a medical health specialist.

How long must I take it?

Consumers are advised to use the Blood Pressure 911 supplement for at least 90 days to achieve optimum results, according to the firm. However, many people have experienced positive results after using the medication for just seven days.

How to take the dose?

Blood Pressure 911 1 capsule twice daily is recommended for optimal benefits. It should be consumed with a glass of ordinary water.

Who should take the supplement?

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure or hypertension should take it. It is available to both men and women as long as they are at least 18 years old and up to 80 years old. However, it is not recommended for usage by pregnant women.

Is it available on Amazon?

This one-of-a-kind Blood Pressure 911 supplement is only available on the official Blood Pressure 911 website. Buying it from any other source, whether over the counter or on other e-commerce sites, is not encouraged.

Furthermore, purchasing it via the company’s website entitles you to special discounts and bonuses. The business provides exceptional customer service as well as a money-back promise for dissatisfied consumers.

Would Everyone Get the Same Results?

Not everyone receives the same outcome. The formula uniquely affects each person. Some people will notice fantastic results, while others will see less. The supplement is designed with everyone in mind, therefore it’s worth a go for anyone.

How Many Bottles to Buy?

Purchasing in bulk is advised. You’ll save more money if you buy more bottles. If you just want to get a feel for it, buy a bottle and give it a try.

Should You Take It If You’re Following a Healthy Diet?

Yes, this supplement should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Most users would benefit from reducing their intake of harmful foods. For the optimum outcomes, you should also include some type of physical activity. It will also be easier and more efficient to improve one’s health.

How to Make the Most of It?

Simply follow the detailed instructions on the leaf to maximize the effects. To achieve the optimum results, you just need to take one capsule twice a day. Because a miss might result in slower consequences, this must be monitored regularly. However, there are a variety of external circumstances that can have an impact on the result. As a result, the finished product will differ from one person to the next.

How Crucial Is Blood Pressure 911 for Hypertension Management?

Blood pressure rises as a result of the resistance in your arteries. Your heart has to work harder to pump blood to other parts of your body as a result of this. Because of this extra effort, your entire body may be harmed in the long term.

In addition, the Blood Pressure 911 supplement can help with the following:

  1. Heart -hypertension can lead to a devastating heart attack. This is due to the additional effort required to pump blood through the arteries.
  2. Stroke risk – high blood pressure has a high risk of causing a stroke. Hypertension can lead to artery blockage, which prevents blood from reaching the brain.
  3. Kidney health – hypertension can also affect your kidneys. High blood pressure has the potential to scar kidneys over time. The kidneys’ ability to clear the blood is harmed as a result of this. In the worst-case scenario, you could get a chronic renal disease. This could lead to the need for dialysis regularly. Finally, your kidneys may need to be replaced.

If you want to know more about Blood Pressure 911, click here.

Blood Pressure 911 Customer Reviews

By now, you know almost everything there has to be regarding Blood Pressure 911. But what are the others telling, and what are their experiences? Are there any Blood Pressure 911 complaints?

First of all, it is a popular blood pressure lowering supplement, and it seems like new independent reviews on Blood Pressure 911 are cropping up in leaps and bounds every day. Based on our research, we can tell you that the average customer ratings are 4.7 out of 5. But, let's get to read some of them. In this section, we share with you three of the Blood Pressure 911 customer reviews from the website.

"My doctor recommended this supplement as I wasn't interested in medicines and drugs. It has been three weeks, and it has helped maintain my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The Blood Pressure 911 capsules are easy to take. I have seen great results. Nobody can match this value for both the price and the quality. My energy level is much better than it had been over the past six years, and it is one of the best blood pressure support formulas I have found. I was a bit disappointed that they raised the Blood Pressure 911 price so much. But still, it's a good deal." Alen M. 38 Anchorage, AK.

"It's better than BP meds. I tell you that! I had been taking Cozaar, as prescribed by my doc. But the worst side effects of doctor-prescribed blood pressure pills are that they cause severe lightheadedness and dizziness. I also used to have some wild, vivid and violent dreams. I talked about these during my next visit, and the only change he suggested was to change to another brand, Benicar, and to exercise more often. But it was the same effects. So, I tried an all-natural alternative, and Blood Pressure 911 is like a godsend to me. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with high blood pressure and don't want to live in fear anymore." Atwood. 45. Huntsville, AL.

"My doc wanted me to go off the blood pressure medicines for a while because whatever I took, I had either an episode of random cough, dry throat, or loose stools. I thought that this is the perfect time to start taking a blood pressure formula. Right at the clinic, I asked for her approval on Blood Pressure 911, and she told me it was okay for me to try. Well, surprisingly, my blood pressure dropped on the first day. Now, I no more have to go through the side effects of frequent urination and all that. This one is quite the opposite, and it has been highly effective in controlling my BP. Yes, it definitely works but be careful to follow the recommended dosage instructions" Smith. 56 San Diego, CA.

Blood Pressure 911 Drawbacks

  • Blood Pressure 911 is only available for purchase from the official company website. They guarantee that it is not available on any other websites, e-commerce stores, or physical stores.
  • Unless you have a doctor’s prescription, you cannot take these pills if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Blood Pressure 911 Supplement Price

The Blood Pressure 911 pills are extremely reasonable, according to the official website of Blood Pressure 911. The company aspires to assist a large number of people who are currently dealing with high blood pressure.

  • The current pricing is $69.95 per bottle plus a $9.95 shipping fee.
  • There is also a bundle package that costs only $59.95 for each bottle if you buy two bottles at once with free shipping, or $49.95 per bottle if you buy four bottles at once with free shipping.
In addition, with every purchase, you will receive two free eBooks. The eBooks are on blood pressure in general, as well as some tips on how to control it.

Simply click Buy Blood Pressure 911 and complete the order form. It may take up to 5 working days for you to receive your parcel after you have confirmed your order.

Money-back Guarantee!

A 90-day money-back guarantee is included with the Blood Pressure 911 supplement. You can get your money back if you have taken some of the pills but are unhappy with them. Simply contact the customer support department and convey your unhappiness with the outcome. It is, however, only valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

This assurance would entice high blood pressure sufferers to give it a try without danger. You can still get your money back in full if it doesn’t work.

final words

If you suffer from high blood pressure and the stress that comes with it, the Blood Pressure 911 supplement is worth trying. Blood flows very quickly when you have high blood pressure. The blood vessels and arteries will undoubtedly be harmed. As a result, blood flow to essential organs including the brain and heart is restricted.

You would have most likely visited your doctor. The issue is that some doctors routinely prescribe standard medications and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, Blood Pressure 911 takes a more natural approach. When compared to the exorbitant expenditures of medical bills and a long-term home rehabilitation program, it is a bargain. It’s not uncommon to read of someone who has to spend all of their savings to pay for such expenses.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission to if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high-quality products.


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