Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Does it Really Work? and Dosage

Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Does it Really Work?

Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Side Effects or Ingredients That Work?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is not getting enough sleep making you lazy? Well, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from these problems. Most of these people turn out to be suffering from magnesium deficiencies.

That’s right! and adequate magnesium levels in our body can lead to issues like weakness, vomiting, fatigue, and reduced appetite. Thankfully, there’s a solution!

If identified early, treating a magnesium deficiency is very simple with good products. One such product is Magnesium Breakthrough- supplements that optimize the

magnesium levels in your body.

If you’re unsure whether you want to invest in it, here’s a Magnesium breakthrough review to help you out. Read Magnesium Breakthrough Reviews below before you buy this product. 

Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Does it Really Work? and Dosage

What is Magnesium Breakthrough?

Most people are aware of the importance of magnesium for health, but few know how to get enough. The problem is that most supplements on the market today come with a list of unwanted side effects because they are made from cheap sources. BiOptimizers has created a new Magnesium Breakthrough supplement that provides all the benefits without any negative consequences.

Magnesium deficiency is becoming more common than ever before due to the highly processed diet we now live on. This new magnesium breakthrough supplement solves this problem by providing what your body needs most- magnesium. BiOptimizers offer 7 forms of magnesium essential for growth and development.

BiOptimizers was created in 2004 as an organization dedicated to helping people improve their health through better nutrition and lifestyle choices. They offer many supplements that work with women and men for different purposes, such as weight loss or increased energy levels.

BiOptimizers have created a magnesium breakthrough that has been clinically proven to improve mood, energy, and focus levels. Our bodies need magnesium to produce ATP, the body’s primary energy source, which supports metabolic improvements and keeps us feeling happy and healthy.

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Pros And Cons


  • This supplement will help you feel calmer and more positive.
  • It can help to rejuvenate your nervous system.
  • It can reduce stress levels and nervousness, and it can also help you relax.
  • It will help in lowering high blood pressure levels.
  • This product can help you to balance your sleep cycle and recover quicker.
  • It eliminates nutrient deficiencies and rejuvenates the body.
  • There are thousands of positive customer reviews on the official website.
  • The product has not been associated with any side effects.
  • It will address migraines, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation.
  • According to the official website, the formula does not contain any chemicals or preservatives.
  • According to the creator, there is a 365-day money-back guarantee that will protect your investment.


  • Results can vary from person to person.
  • Has to be taken at least 3 to 6 months to reap the full benefits.

Safety & Side effects of Magnesium Breakthrough:

Magnesium Breakthrough is an all-natural health supplement and there have been no reported side effects. That being said, it is still always recommended that you discuss with your doctor or another medical professional before you start any new diet, supplement, or exercise regime. You should avoid contact with the eyes, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult with a physician before using the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement.

Why Does Magnesium Breakthrough Work?

It is quickly absorbed by the body and passes easily through the digestive system. This allows you to experience relaxation, calmness, and zero stress.

Nearly 600 biochemical reactions are triggered by nutrients in your body. You can experience problems with your metabolism, pain, sleep, energy, and other aspects of your body if you are deficient in a particular nutrient.

This causes your body to lose more nutrients due to stress levels. This also causes an increase in abdominal fat and cortisol hormone which can disrupt body processes. These body processes include anxiety, headaches, memory impairment, digestion, anxiety, and digestion.

In this instance, magnesium is very beneficial and the only nutrient capable of eliminating stress from the roots.

It can also improve brain function and reduce anxiety. To combat chronic stress, the manufacturers included different forms of magnesium in the supplement.

The Magnesium supplement also helps with the following:

  • Maintains good cardiac health.
  • Lowers cortisol levels.
  • Restores nerve and muscle function back to normal.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Improves bone health.

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What do Doctors Say About Getting The Right Form of Magnesium?

We have found thousands of positive Magnesium Breakthrough customer reviews online, all testifying about the effectiveness and legitimacy of the product. On top of that, we found the opinion of some of the very best and most respected doctors out there about magnesium as presented on the official website:

Magnesium Deficiency Produces MANY Negative Symptoms

“Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, anorexia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness, and rapid pulse.”

Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D.

Without Magnesium, Your Body Cannot Function Optimally!

“If you don’t have enough magnesium, your body simply cannot function optimally, and insufficient cellular magnesium levels set the stage for deterioration of metabolic function that can snowball into more serious health problems.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D.

I Use Magnesium for Any Person…

“I use magnesium for any person that comes in with a cardiovascular complaint.”

Dr. Robert Maki, N.D.

Dangers of Low Magnesium

“The most important marker for impending heart disease is a low magnesium to calcium ratio in the cells.”

Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D.

As you can see Magnesium is essential and should be added by everyone to their daily diet.

Supplement Dosage:

According to the official website, the recommended magnesium breakthrough dosage is to take two capsules per day with a glass of water after your meal. It can be taken in the morning or before bed. It will make you feel calm and relaxed throughout the day if you take it in the morning. If you take it before bed, you’ll be able to fall asleep deeper and experience better sleep. According to the official website, you might feel the difference between feeling peace and serenity.

The body responds quickly to this formula, resulting in immediate results. It is important that users only take the recommended dosage. Users don’t need to add extra meals to their daily diet, it can work even without them. It dissolves and absorbs quickly.

Most users feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation after the formula has been absorbed into their bodies. These effects are due to the fact that the formula calms the nervous system and reduces stress hormones. Many people report better quality of sleep after using this remedy for just one week. To reap the full benefits, you must keep the treatment going for at least 3-6 months.

To ensure the best possible solution, consumers with underlying medical conditions should consult a physician before taking this Magnesium supplement.

Visit the official website and try the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement risk-free for 365 days!

Magnesium Breakthrough Ingredients

The Supplement Facts label tells us two capsules have the following ingredients:

Amount Percent Daily Value

Vitamin B6 2 mg 118 % DV

Elemental Magnesium composed of 500 mg 120% DV

  • 1 magnesium chelate
  • 2 magnesium bis-glycinate
  • 3 magnesium aspartate
  • 4 magnesium malate
  • 5 magnesium orotate
  • 6 magnesium taurate
  • 7 magnesium citrate

Humic/fulvic monoatomic blend ?

Maganese citrate 1 mg 43% DV

Notes: The amount of the humic /fulvic blend is not given. Both humic acid and fulvic acid are nutrient enhancers. They are used to bolster the absorption of magnesium. As a rule, we typically absorb about 30% of the mineral when consumed.

Other Ingredients

Cellulose, NU-Flow, NU-Mag, Silica,

What About The Different Forms?

The Breakthrough supplement has 7 different forms of magnesium. Here's a quick rundown of them.

  • Chelated magnesium

Chelated minerals are those combined with other things like amino acids to boost absorption. In the supplement facts label above it's not said which substance magnesium is chelated to. Since it's listed first, this form makes up most of the 500 mg in the blend. The company says this form is often used for muscle building, recovery, and health. Some research shows this mineral may improve strength and walking speed in older adults. Other studies however have not shown this.

  • Magnesium bis-glycinate

Another name for this is magnesium glycinate. Here, the mineral is bonded to glycine, an amino acid. The company says research on this form of the mineral has found it may help arterial stiffness in overweight people. In that study, however, the researchers state they were not sure if the effects were due to magnesium or citrate – or whether other forms of the mineral would have the same effect.

  • Magnesium aspartate

In this form, the mineral is bonded to aspartic acid, an amino acid. This form of Mag is said to help the heart and elevate the mood. Some research has noted it improves mood in women going through menopause. In another study, vitamin B6 plus Mag reduced anxiety associated with premenstrual syndrome. The Breakthrough supplement also contains vitamin B6 so that's good.

  • Magnesium malate

This combination is composed of the mineral bonded to malic acid, a substance found in apples and other fruits. Malic is also made in the body. Malic acid plays a role in making energy. The company says this form may help with migraine headaches. There is evidence of this, but it seems to be true for the mineral in general and not just the malate form.

  • Magnesium orotate

In this formulation, the mineral is combined with orotic acid. In the past orotic acid was thought to be B vitamin (B13) but this is no longer considered true. Orotic acid is manufactured in the mitochondria and plays a role in the production of genetic material (DNA & RNA). Foods containing orotic acid include milk and dairy products.

The company says this form is best for “metabolic improvements” and athletes looking for better energy and performance. Generally, studies don't show magnesium supplements help exercise performance. If this mineral boosts gym workouts, it may work best for novices. Interestingly some evidence hints Mag supplements (500 mg/day) may reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, levels in athletes.

There is also research suggesting Mag may reduce muscle soreness. In one study, college students who took 350 mg of Mag for 10 days reported significantly less delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) compared to when they took a placebo. Other researchers have noted less muscle soreness after exercise when people were given 500 mg a day. This is the same dosage as the Breakthrough Mag supplement.

  • Magnesium taurate

This is the 6th form of magnesium found in the Breakthrough supplement. Here the mineral is combined with taurine, an amino acid. Some research finds taurine may benefit people with congestive heart failure. But the doses where this might happen are above 1000 mg, which is more than that contained in the Breakthrough supplement. Other research finds this mineral may reduce angina attacks. That said, remember heart problems are complicated and unlikely to be corrected by any single vitamin or mineral.

  • Magnesium citrate

This is the 7th form found in the Breakthrough supplement, so it makes up the least of all the forms. Here, Mag bonded to citric acid. This is the form that's often seen in stool softeners and laxatives.

Is Magnesium Breakthrough Safe?

Magnesium Breakthrough, according to BiOptimizers, is devoid of any toxic chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, and other potentially dangerous substances. Magnesium is essential for the body and helps to keep you healthy by protecting you from a variety of ailments.

As per research, magnesium is an essential element for stress relief, mental health, and weight loss. Furthermore, researchers have discovered a correlation between a rich magnesium diet and a lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. This is due to the fact that magnesium is important in the prevention of diabetes and the regulation of insulin metabolism.

Magnesium Breakthrough is a well-researched supplement that has no dangerous ingredients or chemicals, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to relieve stress and maintain a robust immune system. The Magnesium Breakthrough formula is a legitimate and safe product that you may use to improve your overall health.

Magnesium has been shown to naturally enhance energy levels. It is preferable to use a variety of different types of magnesium that are valuable to your body in a variety of ways.

Every form of magnesium has a unique set of characteristics and advantages that are beneficial to your health and help you meet all of your body’s magnesium needs. Not to mention the fact that the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement contains seven different forms of magnesium.

Who Makes It?

The company is called BioOptimizers. The President is Wade Lightheart. The company address listed is 5470 Kietzke Ln suite 300 Reno Nevada 89511. While the company website says they have been “optimizing humans since 2004”, the Better Business Bureau lists that the company was created in 2018. Perhaps this means the company used to exist under a different name? To contact BioOptimizers call 800-719-2467.

Is  Magnesium Breakthrough Scam?

No not at all! The Magnesium Breakthrough formula is not a scam. All magnesium types that are present in every capsule are 100% legitimate and natural. It is made in the United States by a well-known and FDA-approved facility. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about it being a scam.

Is Magnesium Breakthrough Patented?

The BioOptimizers website lists US Patent # 5895758 for the supplement. This patent number refers to a strain of lactobacillus Plantarum, called lactobacillus Plantarum OM. It is unknown how this relates to the Breakthrough supplement.

My Experiment

I tried the Breakthrough supplement for 3 weeks to see how I felt before and after. I started with 1 capsule a day for the first week and then increased the amount to the recommended 2 capsules a day. Here's a brief summary of what happened

  1. Improved sleeping. While I had energy during the day, when it came time to go to bed, I felt I went to sleep faster and thought I slept better.
  2. I think my mood improved. I'm generally pretty happy but I think I felt a wee bit better.
  3. No change in blood pressure. My blood pressure is always good. It was 100/70 before and 100/70 after.
  4. I did not notice any improvements in my workouts
  5. I had no negative side effects

Take my results for what they are – one person's testimonial. Individual results will vary but overall, I thought it was doing something.

Is Magnesium Breakthrough Amazon Available?

No, it is not available for purchase through Amazon and it will never be. They were recently caught with more than 4000 counterfeit, dangerous, and low-quality vitamins and supplements. These scam products were mostly from China. The Magnesium Breakthrough official website is the only legitimate place where you can get the supplement. Buying only through the official website is the manufacturer’s way to ensure that quality stays the same throughout the whole process.

Purchasing Magnesium Breakthrough

Magnesium Breakthrough isn’t a remedy that is found in stores or even on Instead, users have to go through the official website to select one of the packages that are currently available. The available options include:

One bottle for $40

Three bottles for $33 each

Six bottles for $30 each

Users will be covered by a 365-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to get a refund if this formula doesn’t work like it is meant to.

Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Side Effects or Ingredients That Work?


BiOptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough provides users with a way to get relief from stress that most consumers can’t find with other products. The remedy is easy to take daily, though users will have to refer to the included instructions to get a complete idea of what it entails. 

There are no other changes that users will have to make to see a difference in their bodies, though they will feel an overwhelming sense of improvement in their health. From the support for metabolism to better sleep at night, this supplement ensures that users take care of themselves without having to uproot their entire life.

While there are many other magnesium supplements on the market today, none of them contain all seven of the types of magnesium that are needed to truly regulate the body. Even brands like Nature’s Sunshine or Livewell don’t provide the same support, but the BiOptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough supplement can be easily absorbed to get a powerful effect.

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Magnesium Breakthrough Review: Does it Really Work? and Dosage

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